Global Tyranny

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “New Internet Order.”

This is a great fictional prompt, but realistically absurd. This prompt imposes the political importance of governance and leadership upon the Internet. As of now, this political notion seeing fruition is highly unlikely. If it were to happen, the Internet would most likely be governed by the United Nations (UN), not by a certain individual.

Nevertheless, I would decline such an offer because developed countries already have regulations on the Internet. In addition, each country imposes these regulations upon their citizens, not upon other countries and their citizens. Implementing leadership upon an already universal feature would undermine freedom and equity. It would also violate privacy rights because the “leader” could amend current Internet laws that are implemented in other countries. I am afraid such leadership would turn into a dictatorship – Dictator of the Internet. Every single bite-sized piece of information on the Internet would be at the disposal of one individual. Scary thought, huh? Such information could be used against other countries and individuals. For example, this leader would be able to access or hack into nuclear launch sites and declare a nuclear proxy war without anyone knowing. In addition, he/she would have infinite access to any government’s protection grid and cabinet offices. A leader obtaining access to all the information on the Internet would be clothed in immense power, and subsequently be able to rule the entire world and its technologies. A political idea such as this is completely terrifying. I do NOT wish for my existence to live in or be part of global tyranny.


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